About Us

Our Story

TST Nikkei Metales starts construction of its plant in 2013. With its advanced technology and focus on the production of ADC12Z and AC2B alloys, these liquid aluminum alloys are produced and delivered in thermal crucibles using our unique transportation design. TST Nikkei Metales is created with foreign capital of two international companies, TST Inc. with a 55% investment and Nikkei MC. with a 45% investment. It starts operations in April 2014 with an installed capacity of liquid aluminum production of up to 5,000 tons per month. Our business vision based on quality, safety and commitment to the environment will allow us to expand and to double our installed production capacity in the near future

Strategic Objectives

TST Nikkei Metales contemplates the following short and medium-term objectives:

  • Achieve the ISO / TS 16949:2009 certification in order to be more competitive in the automotive market.
  • Implement the ingot process.
  • Achieve a secondary aluminum production of six thousand tons per month, in a period of 3 years.
  • Seek Continuous Satisfaction from Clients based on feedback.
  • Achieve the return of investment in time and form according to the financial projection.

Mission, Vision And Values


TST Nikkei Metales vision is to be the main producer of secondary aluminum in the Mexican market, expanding its production to six thousand tons per month, in a period no greater than three years.


TST Nikkei Metales Mission is to provide a safety work environment for its employees and to encourage personal growth. The return of investment and company growth by delivering Quality Products on time to our customers at a competitive price, as well as the continuous improvement of its processes.


Clear and open communication

Committed to excellence

We work safely

Honesty and integrity

Well-being of our employees


Respect, trust and team work

Spirit of challenge